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What’s This?
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We want all of our players feel they create something beautiful. Art!

Canvas Games was created as an excuse to give users games to express themselves. Despite the fact we aim to create games easy to play, we focus greatly on immersion, details and emotions.

What’s it about?

Watcher the game is paid, puzzle title which brings street art and general idea of creativity to mobile users. Game tells a picturesque story of a little kid and his family. Memories of kid and his friend Watcher are narrative axis of this tale.

With use of intuitive controls system – touch and swipes – player throw colourful balls of paint that reveal hidden objects on the level. Different colours of paint have special abilities. Grey watercolor draw the picture while black ink animate objects. More colours will introduce more mechanics needed to solve riddles. Ultimately game is about managing specific amount of colour balls to reveal and solve interactive puzzles.

What we do

Good luck!